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Hi! I'm Alex, a Real Estate Agent, leading team Elevate DNVR Collection, powered by Guide Real Estate, and the founder of Arder, a company bringing together and uplifting women of all backgrounds. I arrived in real estate through the power of storytelling and community building.
I've found success in meeting people where they are. Whether it's a client, a friend, or hell, even my children, I know that to support someone, showing up when and how they need me will lend us a soft, successful landing. Being from Memphis and raised in Aurora uniquely positioned me to work across a broad spectrum of intersections, mentoring at-risk youth and connecting domestic violence survivors with meaningful resources. I’ve always felt empowered in helping set folks up for their next step, and luckily for me, I get to do just that for a living as a Real Estate Agent and "super-connector"!

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