The expertise of the team at Elevate DNVR Collection extends beyond luxury real estate sales, as they offer elevated staging services that make selling & relocating  a smooth & stressless experience for clients.


Well-staged homes often sell faster and for more money than those that aren't staged


Did you know that staging a property can reduce the time it remains on the market?

Our team recognizes the importance of setting up a property that showcases the home's best features, making it visually pleasing to potential buyers as they envision their future in the home.

We are experienced in setting up spaces that are welcoming and warm. We mix current color trends, timeless style and our expertise to create a space that is primed to sell and speaks to potential buyers and their future needs.

This service is for sellers and agents outside of the Elevation DNVR Collection looking to add a professional touch to their upcoming property listing in addition to clients who can expect to save money and costs on this in-house service. 

Contact us today to learn more about our staging and listing services, and let us help you set your property up for success!

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Maximizing your profits, Elevate DNVR Collection's staging services are kept in-house to save clients time and to keep their costs low

Let's us guide you to your next chapter of life something beautiful

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